Formula One is no doubt, one of the most popular types of motorsport in the world. But what exactly is it about this sport that makes it very special? Is it the fast cars? Or is it the highly talented drivers? Why are millions around the world gravitating towards every racing event?

Also known as Formula 1 or F1, this is considered as the highest class of auto-racing – at least, for single-seat racing. This racing event is authorised by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or FIA for short. The sport started back in the b1950s and has steadily strengthened its popularity over the decades. The races in the past were not really as regular as they are today. It was only in 1983 when the races were scheduled to happen more frequently.

What is Formula One?

The name Formula One has a meaning as well. The word “formula” actually refers to a set of rules that every participant (driver and team) has to conform to. The One – we can assume is the single driver. Of course, it could be something else too – like the pursuit to be number 1.

Every season of the Formula 1 has a series of races. These races are individually referred to as the Grand Prix. This means grand prize in French. The location of the race is usually added to identify the different races throughout the season (e.g. Monaco Grand Prix).

Winners are evaluated through a point system that will determine who the World Champions are. There are two championships to be given away every season. One is given to the driver and another is given to the constructor.

There are other rules and regulations that have to be strictly followed by every participant in every Formula One racing event. To become an F1 driver, you need to be a holder of a Super License. This is the highest class of license in the racing world and is only issued by the FIA. The organisers also have the burden to ensure that every race happens on graded 1 tracks only. Most of the time, F1 races happen on purpose-built tracks. These are usually in rural places – but some grand prix events take place on public roads within a city.

Of course, the most detailed rules and regulations are meant for Formula 1 cars. It has to be created within the regulations so as to avoid disqualification.

About Formula One in the UK

Formula One in the UK is probably the most popular racing event in the region. In fact, the United Kingdom is considered to be a major player in this racing event. Since 1950, the UK has produced 10 winners of the Formula One World Championships. Between these 10 drivers, they have won a total of 16 titles. This makes the UK the nation with the most wins in this racing event. In 1958, Mike Hawthorn became the first British world champion. Between 1961 to 1965, 4 world championships were won by British drivers back to back. These were Graham Hill, Jim Clark, and John Surtees. Clark won two titles during this time.

The UK remains to be an important location in Formula One. After all, 8 of the 11 teams competing in this racing event are located in England. The history of the F1 racing also started in the UK. After the World War II ended, a lot of aerospace engineers were left in huge airfields with nothing to do. Instead of feeling bored, they focused their attention on creating the fastest lightweight vehicles for racing. Soon, a lot of the airfields in the UK were transformed into racing circuits and F1 started to become a permanent fixture in the motorsport industry in the UK.